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Your Primary Money Personality is:

Your Secondary Money Personality is:

You are a /  

Kids-book-cover-no-background-2 Learn How Your 2 Money Personalities  Define Your Relationship! Transform Your Relationship TODAY!

Quotation-Mark-left After reading the first 25 pages of your book I could swear mine and my wife's names could have been interchanged with the other couple :-)  Quotation-Mark-right Bill and Laurie Sherman, Apache Junction, AZ



Kids-book-cover-no-background-2Avoid Entitled, Materialistic, and Financially Dependent Kids

Learn the "Must Have" 5 Money Conversations for Kids Ages 5-25

Quotation-Mark-left We had our kids' Money Personalities misdiagnosed. That's why we include a code in this book for you to get your Kid's 2 Money Personalities right.  Quotation-Mark-right Scott and Bethany


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Quotation-Mark-left We've been crying out for a way to talk about money"


Quotation-Mark-left This answered our questions about the differences we have about money"



Quotation-Mark-left I'm a Security Seeker/Spender and I am a numbers guy and I can have all the numbers in order but that means nothing if I don't apply my Money Personalities"


Quotation-Mark-left I've learned we can get along even though we are complete opposites"



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